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Client :: ByteGrid

ByteGrid delivers highly flexible, efficient and resilient wholesale colocation data center products. We were first engaged by ByteGrid in their infancy, designing and producing what turned out to be very successful capital raise documents. Since then, we have been responsible for all their design needs; branding, collaterals and web.

The site is currently in it’s second KCD LLC iteration. As the company grew, they required a more dynamic web presence. We work with them on a regular basis to keep the site fresh and relevant. The most current edition is the rotating news ticker, an addition launched in Summer 2013.


ByteGrid is next generation. They are the modern counterpart of their traditional competition.The design challenge is to express this modernity while maintaining the trust associated with tradition. Conservative meets contemporary.

Featured Project

Black | Minimalism & Beauty

I designed this show catalog for Lyn A. Fox Fine Pueblo Pottery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This was the first ever extensive exhibition of historic blackware pottery. The gallery wanted the catalog to express the minimalism and modernity of these beautiful pieces. We worked together to create a warm narrative that runs through the book, providing context and connection between the viewer and the work.

Download the book spreads →

Fox Pueblo Potter



We focus on elegant and effective web design. Using information architecture as a foundation, we design and code beautiful and effective standards compliant web solutions all over the country. Depending on the client’s needs, we code in html, CSS, php or using WordPress as a CMS.

Magnum Wine & Tastings, Sarasota | Fleming PLLC, Manhattan | BYTEGRID, Virginia



This is not art. This is design. Whether it is your company brochure, capital raise documents or a simple postcard, outlining your goals is critical. If you don’t know where you want to go, we can’t get you there. First, we help you define your goal. The goal becomes the destination. A clear destination allows us to make good, informed design decisions, resulting in successful materials. Your success is our goal.


If you are looking for corporate cookie-cutter materials, we are not the firm for you. Innovation turns us on. We want to win awards and affect contemporary culture, do you? If so, give us a call. Let’s work together to design materials that make a statement.



Core Beliefs

What does your company believe in? Can you distill it down to five core beliefs? Every decision is weighed against these core beliefs. They are your branding barometer. Let’s talk about it.


We respond to images. The way things look affects us. Color, type, balance, style. There are myriad variables affecting the way we react to design. We navigate these variables to elicit the desired response. Your identity is important; define yourself.


Your logo needs to be a vector. It needs to be reproducible at any size across any media. If your Aunt Sally designs your logo in Photoshop, you’re going to run into problems down the road.

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    Featured Client

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    Featured Project

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We Design

Design | a good foundation

Good design is the foundation of everything we do at KCD. It’s not just our job. We live it, breathe it and eat it. We talk about it incessantly and we’re very, very good at it. Technically speaking, design is the visual synthesis of ideas. The careful juxtaposition of words and images to convey a message. But the ramifications of design are infinite. Design choices not only shape the image and growth of your company they also weave the fabric of our cultural experience. It’s a weighty thing, no doubt, but don’t worry; we’ve got it handled.

The role of the designer is multi-faceted. We are problem-solvers, first and foremost. Each project represents a problem and the goal is to find the best solution. Communication, analysis, research, visualization, management, organization, critical thinking; all these are skills necessary to solve your unique problem. Add to that list understanding color relationships, hierarchy, structure, typography and pacing plus a heavy dose of courage and determination and you have the basic skill-set of a good designer.


Web Design and Development


We approach web the the same way we approach all our work, intelligently. First, it is imperative to determine the goals of your website. What are you hoping to accomplish with your web presence? You could be trying to directly boost revenue with the addition of eCommerce, or you may need to extend your brand’s presence or provide a forum for interaction with your target market. There are a number of different roles your site can play for your company. Often our clients come to us unaware of what they really need. When a web company fails to determine what results are needed from a site, it is unlikely that the site will produce those results. You wouldn’t go buy a car without knowing what you need and want from one, would you? If you have a family of six and live down a dirt road, you don’t need an Aston Martin. And this analogy carries over to price. We aren’t going to sell you on a $6,000 website if your needs can be met for $1,500.


Branding Logo Design


People are real quick to spit this buzz-word out these days aren’t they? Branding, what does it really mean? The term encompasses everything from your company’s logo, to the look of your lobby, to the way your receptionist answers the phone, to the look of every single piece of communication that leaves your office, and even those inter-office memorandums. It is not just your logo. We will not ask you your favorite color and animal and churn out logos for you. We force you to think about your company’s core values, vision and goals and we make sure that all communication related to your company reflects these. If they aren’t, you are sending out an incoherent message and probably not achieving the level of success that you deserve.




Katrina Costedio Graphic Designer

The Work Comes First

Most design firms will tell you that the client comes first. At KCD, the work comes first, unequivocally. Every effort we make, every muscle moved, is with a singleness of purpose: create good work. And if the work is good, the client is happy because it accomplishes it’s goal: effective communication. When your well-honed brand or message is effectively communicated, your business benefits. You may arrive in our office thinking you need a bulk mailer when what you really need is a well-placed ad on Facebook. You may hanker for a website populated by parrots and palm trees, but what your brand needs is a heavy dose of Helvetica and some white space. Our team has the tools to make these strategic choices, and educate you. We don’t operate inside the traditional client/firm paradigm. We invite you in as a crucial team member who possesses all the dreams and goals for your company, who understands your business better than anyone else. Then, together, we make critical, strategic decisions that will benefit your company.

What is the Work?

And what is the ‘work’? In the larger, conceptual scheme of things, it refers to some Platonic form representing good design. But to you, it means a lot of things: logos, brochures, web design and development (simple to complex), executive summaries, annual reports, print ads, business cards, letterhead, ad banners, blog design, marketing plans, product development, press releases, public relations. Essentially, we operate as that missing department in your company without the overhead associated with an in-house department. My team is your team, and we welcome you to put our resources to work creating, strategizing, implementing and benefitting your company.

The Team


Katrina Costedio Design

Katrina Costedio, Creative Director

Katrina Costedio is a graphic designer who helps businesses define their brand and convey their message through innovative design and marketing techniques. Katrina began her marketing career on the season ticket campaign for San Francisco Ballet. Prior to establishing KCD, she owned and directed a successful modern and contemporary art gallery on Main Street in Sarasota, Florida. Through handling all advertising, design, and public relations for the gallery she discovered her true passion, closed the gallery and obtained the graphic design/pre-press position at a small, commercial print shop where, through trial by fire, she obtained an education in production. This knowledge coupled with her art & design background provides the ability to be both cutting-edge and practical.

Blessed with intuitive intelligence and research skills that were fortified and refined at St. John’s College, Santa Fe, Katrina is most noted for her ability to get to the root of a business and understand it at it’s core. This ability allows her to produce compelling, insightful materials whose efficacy have been proven time and again. She is best known for her work writing and designing Executive Summaries in the investment banking sector.

Get to know Katrina at

Tom Hearn, Software Engineer

Tom Hearn, Software Engineer

Tom Hearn has been immersed in the world of technology since the age of 13 when he started programming in Pascal. Tom would go on to receive a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from Michigan State University while working in the technology industry for a combined total of over 15 years.

Tom has extensive knowledge in both Windows and UNIX worlds, which allows him to branch the technological divide while migrating existing enterprise solutions and creating new ones. He specializes in connected systems infrastructures, database design, and backend solution development.

Tom is also a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and over the past 6 years has done a vast number of development projects with groundbreaking Microsoft-specific technologies such as Azure, SharePoint, BizTalk, and SQL Server.

In addition to his technical prowess, Mr. Hearn also posesses two qualities rare in a programmer: drive and dependability (not to mention, he’s terribly witty).